SAP PO – Understanding IDOC Metadata

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In this article, i will show you overview of IDoc metadata in SAP PO (Process Orchestration). This article will help SAP consultant understand general concept of information template and troubleshooting issues with IDoc Medatdata.

IDOC metadata between SAP PO and SAP ERP

SAP IDOC Metadata concept

Master data and transaction data on SAP was structured before sending or receiving to partner system and SAP called IDOC (Immediate document). Metadata help SAP PO and SAP ERP have the same languages when transfer data.

There are two kind of IDOC metadata

  • Standard IDOC Metadata
  • Customizing IDOC metadata based on standard.


IDOC Metadata import into SAP PO help PO consultant do mapping strictly with fields and segment from SAP source messages.

IDOC Metadata will be cached in caching area in SAP PO to improve mapping actions.

Import IDOC metadata into SAP PO ESR (Enterprise Service Repository)

Reload IDOC Metadata one structure was changed

When source SAP System IDOC metadata changed, you need re-import IDOC Metadata in ESR.

Example, per business requirements, we need change from standard IDOC to customizing IDOC. The changing HAVE TO update in SAP PO by re-import IDOC metadata.

IDOC Metadata monitoring in SAP PO Netweaver Administrator

Access your SAP PO NWA

Question and Answer

Q: What are IDOC Metadata should i import to ESR ?

A: Depend on business requirement for Inbound and outbound you can select message types.

Q: First time i used standard IDOC, then i do enhance. In Mapping, do i need re-import ?

A: Yes, you have to.

Q: For outbound scenarios, i received error messages in outbound queues(SM58) like “IDOC_ERROR_METADATA_UNAVAILABLE“. What can i do ?

A: You need to preload metadata in SAP PO NWA

Q: Where in configuration i need to consider when use custom IDOC Metadata ?

A: In ERP, you need consider in partner profiles setting, sending or receiving program.


Cuong Dang

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