Integration design and Data migration with staging and with staging tables

Hi buddies,

In this topic i will talk about integration design between SAP and None-SAP via staging tables. I would like to tell you first, this topic not only talk about SAP Process Orchestration but also tell you general concepts when you decide build integration landscape and consult to your customers.

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[SAP PO] – Understanding IDOC Header information

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Continue serial of SAP IDoc articles, in this topic i will show you detail information of SAP IDoc header. It will help you transfer or receive data between SAP PO and SAP ERP | SAP S4 HANA.

To understand principle concept of SAP IDOC, you can access my previous topic here

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[SAP PO] – Deadly problem in SAP PO Database “Syslogs” Tablespace.

Hi buddies,

In last few years, i faced issue with SAP PO, it took me one month to identify what is root cause of issue. That is very hard time for me. It happened in my customer production system and i have to check data duplication every day. Now i would like to share with you what is really happened in system.

Related with previous topic To see how important of reading system logs and investigate issue from technical information.

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SAP CAR – Documents (PDF)

This is list of official documents from SAP.

SAP Integration and folders structure in file adapter scenarios

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There are one small note when you do interface data between SAP and None-SAP systems with files adapter scenario. That is “How to design folders structure for Outbound and Inbound Data” then easier for managing partners, permission and archiving files data.

There are two points we need to consider when design folders structure:



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Microsoft Excel and SAP Fiori Libraries OData

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Now SAP is moving apps to fiori, this is web-base platform based on HTML5 and JavasScript. There are thousand of fiori apps that SAP released. Instead of go to SAP Fiori portal to search apps and information related, we also can use Microsoft Excel to load OData from SAP Fiori libraries. Data loaded in Excel will help us search Fiori apps faster but you need to understand Fiori OData SAP provided.

In this article, i will show you basic steps to connect to SAP Fiori Libraries and some key tables then you can use by yourself actively.

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SAP CAR – Understanding Tasks status table logs (/POSDW/TSTAT)

Hi guys,

In this article, i will show quick information SAP CAR table : /POSDW/TSTAT. This table used for write POS Transaction’s tasks status. To understand this table, you can write reports and faster to check transaction’s tasks status.

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SAP PO – POSDM|CAR – ERP|BW Integration overview

Hi Guys,

This article will show you full flow of sales integration from legacy system to SAP CAR, SAP ERP and SAP BW. This article to help you guys who do SAP PO and SAP POSDM | CAR POSDTA consultant understand full system landscape of objects will be integrated between individuals system.

System Landscape of sales data from legacy to SAP retail
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SAP IDoc tutorial

Hi Guys,

This article, i will show you overview of SAP IDoc concepts and details of IDoc structure. After this topic, functional and SAP PO consultant can understand how to do Inbound and Outbound interface via IDocs.

This article will concentrate to three points:

1.IDoc definitions

2.IDoc structure

3.Outbound | Inbound IDoc configurations

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SAP PO->Monitoring: Outbound IDocs

Hi SAP PO Guys,

Today, i will show you step by step to monitor outbound IDocs from SAP ERP to SAP PO and receiver protocol is File system (FTP / SFTP / Shared Folders).

In the ERP system landscape, SAP ERP is core system where master data, transaction data managed. In some scenarios, we need send master data and transaction data to partners system. Master data can be material master, vendor master, customer master, sales price, promotion etc… all kind of objects SAP had standard message type following EDI standard.

When SAP ERP integrate to partners system, we need to know data flow and where would be check when data wasn’t sent to destination system.

In this topic, i will show you ways to check outbound material master from SAP S/4 Hana to POS system via SAP PO with integration scenario is: SAP S/4 -> SAP PO -> SFTP -> POS (Point Of Sales), base on this example, you can do checking to another outbound IDocs as well.

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SAP PO: Webservice with SOAP sender and REST Receiver scenario

Hi PO guys,

In this article, i will share you how to make interface webservice with sender is SOAP adapter and Receiver with REST adapter scenario, hope can help you to implement SAP PO.

In this demonstration, i will make simple login function call from SAP ERP to third party using REST and HTTP.

Enterprise Service Builder

Design data type

Design message type

Design service interface 

Design message mapping

Design operation mapping

Integration Builder

Define SOAP sender channel

Define REST receiver channel

Define Integrated Configuration Object

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SAP CAR-POSDM Sales Receipt Logical Structure

Hi Guys,

I will show you the basic concept of objects in sales receipt in SAP CAR – POSDM. In some articles, i was talked about retails, SAP CAR and POSDM.

Yeah, but what are base information in one sale receipt ?. Picture below will show you objects on one receipt.

Basically, one receipt will contain three main part.

First is header, header contain information of retailer, transaction information.

Second is goods information, Items you bough (item code, quantity, Unit of Measure, Unit price, total amount….)

Third is Payment information, payment group define kind of payment method, amount and additional information of payment method.

SAP CAR – POSDM provided to us a standard objects can have in receipt. Other than three group of information what i mentioned above. SAP also define objects what can capture more information for reporting / analysis purpose.

To understand logical objects, will help you easy to consult to customer and adapt requirements.


SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Import metadata object – Part 2

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Continue SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Part 1

Now i will show you how import IDOC Metada from SAP ERP system. The question is why do we need import metadata and what is metadata ?


Metadata is data structure of source or destination system. Example, sales order (SO) object in SAP ERP, there are many group of information in SO like header, items, discount, payment, pricing condition, delivery information etc… all group of information displayed in data structures. And object’s structure of SO, SAP call “Message Type“. Message type content all information of SO. When source system want transfer SO to SAP ERP, SAP PO need read SAP ERP SO “Message Type” and provide values for each mandatory fields.

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