Understanding SAP Unit of Measure and Integration adoption

Hi buddies,

In this short topic, i will show you how Unit of Measure work in SAP ERP and Integration that you need to consider when start define interfaces.

Unit of measure in SAP ERP

ISO – ISO code for measurement units. An ISO code can be assigned to several internal measurement units of a dimension.

Commercial – Display on SAP GUI

Technical – for B2B integration or None-SAP Integration

TCode: CUNI to custom Unit of measure codes
SAP GUI display commercial code

Solution for integration

In picture below, i was shown you the ways SAP store Unit of measure in system, display to end user and generate in IDOC.

if you want use technical unit of measure send to partner system then nothing change in SAP PO mapping.

if you want use commercial unit of measure send to partners system you need to do values mapping graphic function on SAP PO for both cases (Outbound and Inbound)


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