SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Part 1

Hi Guys,

After finished SAP Process Orchestration – System Landscape, now i start new articles to show how setup integration mapping (Enterprise Services Repository)

Enterprise Services Repository(ESR)

Functionalities if ESR to help use design interfaces:

  • Objects will be invoke to integration landscape.
  • Source and destination message structures.
  • Messages routing
  • Mapping logic definition

1.Launch ESB (Enterprise Services Builder)

To access ESP, go to main page of SAP PO Server(basis consultant setting up and provide to PO Consultant)



ESR is Java application base, so before run ESR you need install JRE (Java Run-time Environment) at: Oracle JRE Page.

Depend on your computer CPU Architect, JRE 32bit or 64bit will be download and install.

Access Enterprise Service Builder


PO server will relocate to “repository.jnlp” here your can download or open with assigned Java Web Launcher.



In some scenarios, application doesn’t run automatically, you can assign manually by:




ESB – Enterprise Services Builder launched


2.Import Software Component to ESB

After launch ESB application, right click on “Local Software Component Versions” and select “New


(2) Select “Import from SLD“, Software Component Version we defined in System Landscape in this topics



(1) Enter ERP Server information what you want import metadata

(2) Select language

(3) Save imported object


Imported Software Component version will displayed in Software Component Explorer Tree


(to be continue…)

3 thoughts on “SAP Process Orchestration – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – Part 1”

  1. We’re doing post configuration steps for after new installation of NAP NW 7.5 PO…Imported SLD content in ESR, but can’t save the imported software components. Is there setting that need to be changed so the objects can be saved? Any suggestions, SAP notes, or known solutions?

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