SAP CAR: Fiori Apps

SAP Smart Business Apps for SAP Customer Activity Repository

App IDApp NameLink
F0807Net Sales‘F0807’)/W21
F0808Sales Analysis – Gross Margin‘F0808’)/W21
F0809Sales Analysis – Average Transaction Value‘F0809’)/W21
F0810Number of Transactions‘F0810’)/W21
F0813Sales Analysis – Items per Transaction‘F0813’)/W21

SAP Fiori Apps for Omnichannel Article Availability (part of Inventory Visibility)

App IDApp NameLink
F2530Manage Sourcing Networks (SAP Retail)‘F2530’)/W26
F3391Manage Sourcing Networks (SAP S/4HANA)‘F2530’)/W26
F3003Manage Sources (SAP Retail)‘F3003’)/W26
F3392Manage Sources (SAP S/4HANA)‘F3392’)/W26
F2586Manage Sourcing Strategies‘F2586’)/W26
F2659Manage Sales Channels‘F2659’)/W26

SAP Fiori Apps for Demand Data Foundation (DDF)

App IDApp NameLink
F2020Configure Distribution Curves‘F2020’)/W26
F2053Manage Promotional Offers‘F2053’)/W26
F2576Manage Product Groups‘F2053’)/W26
F0829AManage Product Attributes‘F0829A’)/W26
F0550AManage Location Clusters‘F0550A’)/W26

SAP Fiori Apps for Demand Planning

App IDApp NameLink
F1773AAnalyze Forecast‘F1773A’)/W26
F3479Adjust Forecast‘F3479’)/W26
F3885Manage Demand Influencing Factors‘F3885’)/W26

SAP Assortment Planning

App IDApp NameLink
F0830AMy Option Plans‘F0830A’)/W26
F0831AMatch Placeholders‘F0831A’)/W26
F1567AMy Assortment Lists
F1682AManage Modules‘F1682A’)/W26
F3021Manage Planning Configuration Sets‘F3021’)/W26
F0830BManage Option Plans‘F0830B’)/W26

SAP Allocation Management

App IDApp NameLink
F2020Configure Distribution Curves‘F2020’)/W26
F2021Manage Market Units‘F2021’)/W26
F2022Manage Allocation Parameters‘F2022’)/W26
F2038My Allocation Plans‘F2038’)/W26
F2039My Allocation Workload‘F2039’)/W26
F2590Configure Allocation KPIs‘F2590’)/W26
F2592My Allocation Results‘F2592’)/W26
F4287Manage Store Areas and Capacities‘F4287’)/W26

SAP Promotion Management

App IDApp NameLink
F3349Offer Content Assignment‘F3349’)/W21
F3089Manage Location Subgroups‘F3089’)/W26
F2053Manage Promotional Offers‘F2053’)/W26
F4103Preview Promotional Events‘F4103’)/W26


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