SAP PO – Authorities Roles

Hi buddies,

When we start work with SAP PO, we need create account and grant permission to users

User roles can be:

1- SAP Process Orchestration Administrator role
2- SAP Process Orchestration Developer and Support role
3- Integration account

In this article, i will show you detail of roles you need consider when create user to access SAP Process Orchestration system. To reduce security risks.

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Thanh niên và nghề chạy Grab Bike

Cũng phải công nhận từ khi Taxi công nghệ (Grab, Uber, GoViet, Be…) tấn công vào thị trường Việt Nam cũng đã tạo rất nhiều công ăn việc làm cho người Việt, giá cả cạnh tranh và minh bạch hơn Taxi và xe ôm truyền thống. Tất cả người tham gia lao động vào các dịch vụ này minh bạch hơn, thái độ phục vụ khách hàng tốt hơn.

(Ảnh minh họa từ Internet)
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New blog for SAP Knowledge sharing

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Going forward to contribution SAP Technologies. I am make new blog site for you can be author.

Information of blog:

This blogs is free for you all. If you interesting with SAP technology then welcome to you on board.

If you want to be author please raise email to:

Name of modules / topics you interesting.

Thank you for your knowledge sharing and contribution.

Cuong Dang

[SAP PO] – Deadly problem in SAP PO Database “Syslogs” Tablespace.

Hi buddies,

In last few years, i faced issue with SAP PO, it took me one month to identify what is root cause of issue. That is very hard time for me. It happened in my customer production system and i have to check data duplication every day. Now i would like to share with you what is really happened in system.

Related with previous topic To see how important of reading system logs and investigate issue from technical information.

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New blog domain


After few years write free blog on WordPress. Today, i am very happy to announce to you audience. I bought domain and WordPress package to upgrade my blog then can contribute more and more about technical stuff for you guys.

My personal domain :

My Linkedin:

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Let me know if any question regarding SAP CAR, SAP PI/PO and Microsoft SQL Server.

Enjoy and have great day.

Cuong Dang