Table hệ thống trong SQL Server 2008 R2 (Phần 02) – Sys.Columns

Sys.Columns :

Table lưu trữ các column được định nghĩa trong table và views.

Kiến trúc table :

Column name Data type Description
object_id int ID of the object to which this column belongs.
name sysname Name of the column. Is unique within the object.
column_id int ID of the column. Is unique within the object.

Column IDs might not be sequential.

system_type_id tinyint ID of the system type of the column.
user_type_id int ID of the type of the column as defined by the user.

To return the name of the type, join to the sys.types catalog view on this column.

max_length smallint Maximum length (in bytes) of the column.

-1 = Column data type is varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), or xml.

For text columns, the max_length value will be 16 or the value set by sp_tableoption ‘text in row’.

precision tinyint Precision of the column if numeric-based; otherwise, 0.
scale tinyint Scale of column if numeric-based; otherwise, 0.
collation_name sysname Name of the collation of the column if character-based; otherwise, NULL.
is_nullable bit 1 = Column is nullable.
is_ansi_padded bit 1 = Column uses ANSI_PADDING ON behavior if character, binary, or variant.

0 = Column is not character, binary, or variant.

is_rowguidcol bit 1 = Column is a declared ROWGUIDCOL.
is_identity bit 1 = Column has identity values
is_computed bit 1 = Column is a computed column.
is_filestream bit 1 = Column is a FILESTREAM column.
is_replicated bit 1 = Column is replicated.
is_non_sql_subscribed bit 1 = Column has a non-SQL Server subscriber.
is_merge_published bit 1 = Column is merge-published.
is_dts_replicated bit 1 = Column is replicated by using SSIS.
is_xml_document bit 1 = Content is a complete XML document.

0 = Content is a document fragment or the column data type is not xml.

xml_collection_id int Nonzero if the data type of the column is xml and the XML is typed. The value will be the ID of the collection containing the validating XML schema namespace of the column.

0 = No XML schema collection.

default_object_id int ID of the default object, regardless of whether it is a stand-alone object sys.sp_bindefault, or an inline, column-level DEFAULT constraint. The parent_object_id column of an inline column-level default object is a reference back to the table itself.

0 = No default.

rule_object_id int ID of the stand-alone rule bound to the column by using sys.sp_bindrule.

0 = No stand-alone rule. For column-level CHECK constraints, see sys.check_constraints (Transact-SQL).

is_sparse bit 1 = Column is a sparse column. For more information, see Using Sparse Columns.
is_column_set bit 1 = Column is a column set. For more information, see Using Sparse Columns.


Lưu ý:

Trong Sys.Columns sẽ có object_id  sẽ tham chiếu đến table hoặc view

SELECT c.* FROM sys.objects o JOIN sys.columns c
on o.object_id = c.object_id

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